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About Us

Pharmacist and owner Carole Anderson is a small town girl herself. The daughter of storeowners, Carole is committed to friendly, caring service. She has more than 27 years of experience as a pharmacist and loves helping people.

Carole is accompanied by Certified Pharmacy Technician Amy Lambrechts. Amy boasts more than 18 years’ experience in the pharmacy, more than 10 of which have been spent as a certified technician. Amy is a native of Watertown and a friendly, familiar face to residents young and old.

Barb is our other tech who worked with us at Shopko before we started this pharmacy and now has worked with us for 3 years this coming fall. Barb comes from Pipestone but married and raised her family here in Watertown. She worked for Optical and Pharmacy chains before finding the perfect fit with our team. She brings such enthusiasm, hard work and a bubbly personality to an already friendly group of gals.